About Us

A brand new business with the most modern vision, but with an extensive track record, that’s Disti360. We as a brand might be new, but our specialists have decades of experience in Cyber Security, Information security, and management.

Disti360 is the hub of virtual distribution - where we take virtualization as the concept of all sectors of the business. Internally and externally.

Disti360 is a project by Prevent360 - focusing on providing the market through its network of partners across the Middle East region distributing the latest technology and best in the market.

It is vital in this era to be part of the digital transformation and support the initiative of cloud solutions. our mission is to secure this transformation to ensure an easy and safe journey for our partners with their customers.

This makes Disti360 a unique cybersecurity distributor globally
We have headquartered in Dubai the technology hub of the Middle East, but serving partners across the region.

Our virtual sales team always ensures 100% attention to all vendors regardless of their business volume

For us, every sales executive is an asset in this Virtual Distribution business model; Each sales executive is the one who manages the customer and makes sure to maintain his own reputation regardless of the company he is working for. Hence, we are developing a special portal to keep them connected with their customer and feel always in control.

This positions Disti360 in a unique cybersecurity distributor, headquartered in the Dubai, UAE, but serving partners regionally

Your security strategy shouldn’t tell you what you can’t do, it should help your organization to do what it does best. Disti360 offers a comprehensive approach that protects and agilely enables your business